The following documents are in English:

Bulgaria Brochure - Seagarden Villas including photos

Bulgaria Leaflet - an overview of Seagarden Villas

The documents are in PDF format.

The leaflet is designed to be printed on a colour inkjet printer on normal A4 paper with standard settings.

Other Languages

These documents are also available in the following languages:

Болгария Брошюра - Морских садов Mekoa включая фотографии (русский).

Bulgarien Prospekt - ein Überblick von Seagarden Villas (Deutsch).

Bulgarie Prospectus - une vue d'ensemble de Seagarden Villas (Français).

България Листовка - кратко предствяне на Морските Градини на Mekoa (Български).

Болгария Листовка – краткая презентация Морских садов Mekoa (русский).