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The Villa Demi is a luxury property with two rooms, one bathroom and a private garden. It is located on the ground floor of house type Duo. For those looking for an apartment, the Villa Demi provides an interesting alternative.

Like a townhouse, the Villa Demi is part of a larger building, it has a garden, and it has its own entrance to the street. The upper floors are a separate property.

The Villa Demi is also called the Apartment Duo 'a'. It is located on the ground floor of house type Duo:

Ground floor - one bedroom; one bathroom; one living area with kitchen, lounge and optional second bed; direct access to garden with sliding windows.


Each Apartment Duo 'a' comes with:

•  Private garden - for the exclusive use of the apartment owner, with pool*

•  Own front door - to the street. No sharing with the neighbour!

•  Parking area for one car next to the house.

•  Sea-view from the apartment.

•  Sea-view from the garden.

* A selection of jacuzzis, and choice of swimming pool design, are available at extra cost.

A sliding window is on the side facing the garden. This can be left open to extend the living area into the garden.

Flat by the sea Most apartments in Bulgaria are in complexes the size of a Moscow tower block. They give you the feeling you are living in a big hotel.

The Apartment Duo 'a' is completely different. It is on the ground floor of a Villa Duo. It gives you the feeling you are living in a luxury villa, with your own private garden, your own private space.

There is only one neighbour in the building - on the floor above. To the side there is another building, but this is separated by two outside walls and a layer of insulation.
Like all the property in Seagarden Villas, the Apartment Duo 'a' benefits from:

Luxury Resort Bulgaria •  The Beach - just 2 minutes walk away
•  Management - everything looked after
•  Facilities - spa center, restaurant, bar …


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The Apartment Duo 'a' offers features not found in the majority of apartments on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It represents very good value at the top end of the market.

The following table shows a comparison between the Apartment Duo 'a' and a typical “box” type flat found in Sunny Beach.

Apartment Duo 'a' 'Box' type apartment
Private garden - belongs to the apartment. Shared garden - belongs to the complex.
Outside walls on all four sides Outside walls on one side, inside walls on three sides.
Windows on three sides Windows on one side.
Concrete foundation floor, concrete ceiling Concrete floor, concrete ceiling
Good soundproofing in floors and walls Poor soundproofing
One neighbouring apartment (above) Four neighbouring apartments (above, below, either side)
Main entrance to the street Main entrance to shared corridor, shared stairs.
Measured area excludes common areas Measured area includes common areas - stairs, corridors, reception



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