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Lozenets, Bulgaria

Seagarden Villas is near Lozenets, in the heart of the Bulgarian coast. The six towns and villages, stretching along the coast from Sozopol in the north to Ahtopol in the south, are located among the best beaches and nature that Bulgaria has to offer. With the best weather in Bulgaria, they have always been popular with tourists.

These towns and villages (Sozopol, Primorsko, Kiten, Lozenets, Tzarevo and Ahotopol) have existed for hundreds of years. They are the “real” Bulgaria, each has its own character. They are not some artificial tourist creation which is deserted in the winter.

Lozenets is within commuting distance of Bourgas City. Several employees of Mekoa live in Burgas city and travel to Lozenets every day. Conversely, many inhabitants of Lozenets and the other nearby towns and villages travel to work in Burgas city every day.
Lozenets is a favourite destination for those familiar with the Bulgarian coast. Wealthy Bulgarians including actresses, singers, politicians and businessmen own villas to the south of the village.

Lozenets was originally formed in 1924, and has been catering to tourists for a long time. Together with the neighbouring towns of Primorsko, Kiten and Tsarevo, it has long been a favourite holiday place for Bulgarians, Czechs, Russians and more recently Scandinavians.

Lozenets has many bars, restaurants and an active nightlife. At just over a mile (1800 metres) from Seagarden Villas, it is close enough to be in walking distance, and far enough to allow you a good nights sleep when you return!

Lozenets is in the municipality of Tsarevo, in Burgas province. There are several other villages of the same name around Bulgaria, and a borough of Sofia is also called Lozenets.

Lozenets was named after the many vineyards in the surrounding area. It is spelt Лозенец in Bulgarian, the word means "Vineyards". it is often spelt "Lozenetz" or "Lozenec" (there is no standardized translation from Cyrillic to the western alphabet). Likewise Tsarevo may be spelt Tzarevo or Carevo.

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Seagarden Villas is located near the Lalov Egrek water sports center and Oasis resort, close to Lozenets village in the municipality of Tsarevo, Burgas Province.

The neighbouring village to the north is Kiten in Primorsko municipality, to the south is Tzarevo town, and Ahtopol village. Sozopol town is about 26km north of Lozenetz, the Duyni resort about 16km north.

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