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Sea River Resort - Primorsko

Coming soon: apartments for sale in Mekoa Sea River Resort, Primorsko Bulgaria.
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Primorsko south beach and town +

Just 200m from the Primorsko south beach and just 200m from Dyavolska River, the location is exceptional. With the Black Sea to the east, and wetlands to the west, Sea River Resort will always be a part of nature.
Partying and nightlife, shopping and dining, Primorsko town is just 5 minutes walk to the north. Peace and quiet, loud music and dancing - it's easy to find what you're looking for.
Primorsko south beach +

Relax in the Aqua park while the kids play. Relax on the magnificent beach, or try windsurfing, scuba diving or water skiing.

Primorsko south beach +

What is special about Primorsko south beach?
  • You can always find a nice spot, because it is big.
  • It is calm because it is in a bay.
  • It is safe and the water is warm, because it is shallow for a long way out.
  • It is popular earlier in the season, because the water warms up quicker.
  • It is comfortable because the sand is fine, no rocks, no shells, no stones.

Like elsewhere on the Bulgarian coast, you'll feel fresh, not sticky, after a swim, because there is less salt in the Black Sea (compared to the Mediterranean).  
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Dyavolska River +

Dyavolska River +

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