Mekoa Construction

Mekoa Construction specialises in low density high quality building in Bulgaria - houses and villas, apartments and hotels.

Mekoa employs construction professionals who have worked in Germany. Construction professionals who are familiar with the most rigorous and exacting standards. Mekoa uses high quality materials and construction techniques which are commonplace in western Europe.

The attention to quality has benefits, not only in terms of reliability, such as avoiding the need for repairs. There are functional benefits too. For example, less disturbance thanks to proper soundproofing between floors. Condensation and damp eliminated through good insulation. Plumbing that works, bathrooms that stay fresh.

Mekoa can offer you a standard design, or work with you to create something unique. Any special requirements? We can build them in.

It is often the case that seeing is believing. So come and visit our office/hotel building, in Primorsko (on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast). See the high standard of finish for yourself, we will show you what makes Mekoa special.

All buildings are covered by a 10 year BNS warranty (Bulgarian National Standards).  

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