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Visit Bulgaria

Bulgaria is an increasingly popular tourist destination, particularly in June, July and August when most people take their holiday. During these months finding a last-minute flight can be difficult, as most of them are full.

Car Hire

Europcar, Hertz and SIXT have offices in Bourgas Airport. There are also various Bulgarian companies that may be more economical, and they will meet you at the airport. For example:

TS Travel

This company works all year around. During the summer there are many other smaller car hire companies. From September to May there is no problem finding hotel rooms and car hire. During June, July and August it is best to book in advance.


In Burgas city taxis typically cost .30, in the smaller towns €.60 per km. Each taxi is free to charge whatever they want, but display the tariff in the window (as required by law). So most taxis charge about the same, but a few are overpriced, looking for the unwary tourist. Look at the prices before you get in, and you should have no problem. Taxis are yellow, you may be offered a private taxi at the airport but this is best ignored. Burgas airport is the same as any other - ignore anyone who approaches you and offers a taxi, go outside and take a licensed yellow taxi.


Cash machines (ATMs) are widely available in Bulgaria, and they accept most international credit cards and payment cards. There is however a charge, which makes using them more expensive than bringing cash and changing it at a bank. Most shops only accept cash, or the local Bulgarian Borica payment card.

Because the Bulgarian currency is fixed to the Euro, the exchange rates offered by the Banks are very good. The fixed rate is exactly 1.95583 leva to the Euro (the same as the old Deutschmark). Most banks offer a rate of 1.95 leva to the Euro. Many exchange kiosks do too, but some of them offer a worse rate. Beware the kiosks that try to trick the unwary tourist by offering 1.59 rather than 1.95. The rate is clearly displayed next to the exchange counter.

If you are buying a property in Bulgaria, you will want to open a bank account. Most banks offer internet banking in English.