Lozenets Bulgaria



Mekoa has offices in the new part of Primorsko.

Short Description

Coming from the airport, drive through Bourgas city, take the four lane coastal road direction Sozopol / Tsarevo in the south. On this road, you will drive past Sozopol (where the road becomes two lanes).

Take the Primorsko turnoff (after the petrol station). If you reach Kiten, you've gone too far!

Drive into Primorsko town, turn left at the first traffic lights, turn left at the T junction, turn right at the end of the road.

Mekoa is behind the building with the yellow facade.

Long Description

On leaving the airport, take the four lane motorway direction Bourgas city (Бургас). You will be travelling on a four lane road for the next 45km (until you reach Sozopol Созопол), after which the road becomes a two lane highway until you reach Primorsko (Приморско).

About 10km from the airport you will enter Bourgas city, there are several roundabouts and traffic lights (the road is still four lanes). Follow the signs to Sozopol. If you get lost in the city, continue southwards until you rejoin the road to Sozopol.

When you leave Bourgas, continue along the highway until you reach Primorsko. There are no traffic lights or roundabouts or turnoffs between Bourgas and Primorsko – stay on the same road. The road follows the coastline, and is always within a few hundred meters of the coast.
At Sozopol, the four lanes become two lanes. Drive past Sozopol, drive through Duni. Drive through the Ropotamo Reserve – the road has sharp bends here. As you come out of the wood, the road straightens. After about 1km there is a petrol station on the right. The Primorsko exit is a hundred meters further on.

Look at the map on the right. Take the Primorsko exit, turn right, cross the bridge over the highway that you’ve just been on. Turn left at the traffic lights, continue over the cross roads (driving past the water park on the right). Turn left at the T junction. Drive to the end of Ropotamo road and park somewhere. Mekoa is on the right, behind the yellow building and a half constructed building.

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