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Learn Cyrillic and how to write your own name.

Learning Cyrillic is useful if you go to Bulgaria. If you are buying a property, it is nice to be able to read your own name on the contract. If you are buying an apartment, it is nice to be able to give other people your new address.

Learning Cyrillic is much easier than you may imagine. It is not like learning Bulgarian, which is hard work. Cyrillic is very close to the English alphabet, there is a one to one correspondence for most letters, and half of them are even in the same alphabetical order!

To see the full guide on the easy way to learn Cyrillic, take a look at the following website:

Learn Cyrillic the easy way ... »

This website will show you in just a few minutes how to understand dozens of Bulgarian words, by learning just three letters!

Apartment and villa

Many words look the same in the Cyrillic and English alphabets. For example "апартамент". This means "apartment". If you remember that the Cyrillic letter "P" is "R", and that "H" is "N", this covers a lot of words. "P" is like the Greek letter Pi "П".

Bила means villa (B is V, unlike Spanish where V is pronounced B). The letters I and L look like the equivalent in English joined up writing. It is no more difficult than deciphering someone's bad handwriting!

Each letter of the Cyrillic alphabet has only one pronunciation. This is unlike English, where the letter is pronounced differently according to what word it is in (compare the pronunciation of the letter “u” in cut and put). Once you have learnt it, you can say any word in the dictionary.


Visiting Bulgaria

The most attractive part of Bulgaria for a seaside holiday is in the Primorsko and Tsarevo municipalities, according to many Bulgarians. The following website has some beautiful pictures, including aerial photographs. It also covers some controversial topics such as the mafia, overdevelopment and polluted beaches.

Information about Bulgaria, Primorsko and Tsarevo

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