Seagarden Resort – a great investment!

Mekoa Seagarden Resort is a luxury seaside development of apartments and houses on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Seagarden has several advantages compared with other complexes, which make it a better investment.

Capital growth

Property located within 500m of the coast is in short supply. The area available for new construction is reducing in size every year – pushing up prices. Further away from the sea, there is a lot more property available. Prices there have risen more slowly, because a lot more land is available.

Property close to the sea is the most desired, attracts the most interest, and has the easiest re-sale prospects. Seagarden Resort is just 200m from the beach.

Investment income

Seagarden Resort has advantages which make it more attractive to tourists – and therefore able to generate a better investment income. Here are the five key advantages of Seagarden Resort:

1. Like most complexes, it attracts couples and families who want to stay in a room or apartment. However Seagarden also attracts families or groups of people who want to rent an entire villa – for example one floor for each family.

2. Like most complexes, it attracts independent tourists who like to organize their own holidays, and rent an apartment or villa. However Seagarden also attracts tourists who like to stay in a hotel, and have everything organized for them.

3. Like most villa complexes, car hire is available. However unlike most villa complexes, tourists do not need to hire a car. Everything is in walking distance -several beaches are close by, also restaurants, bars and other tourist infrastructure.

4. During the peak season when everything is busy, Seagarden Resort will offer a premium experience to tourists who are prepared to pay more. During the off-peak season when there are fewer tourists, Seagarden Resort will offer a premium experience at “normal” prices – taking customers away from “average” quality hotels.

5. Seagarden Resort is near Lozenets, the “Saint Tropez” of Bulgaria. The preferred destination of the “rich and famous”, it could not be in a better location. For the cost of an “average” holiday in France, tourists can afford a “premium” holiday in Lozenets!

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